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Life Coach Online-Think Beautiful!

Life Coach Online-Think Beautiful!

Life Coach Online – Think Beautiful. Every thought is a projection of another thought and from this our thoughts become crowded. Then follows the aggregation point or the chaos in thinking. What is the reason for some to fall into the trap of thoughts? There are situations, which people consider as problems. This condition of confusion causes fear- Am I capable to cope? What if I can’t cope? This model of thinking I call “The eye of the storm”. Your fear places you at the edge of the storm, as I define it – the gyration. Then a ruthless rotation begins, a circle of confused thoughts.

Rediscover the freedom of your thought!

There is an alternative! You need to place the problem at the Eye of the Storm! This is called penetration into the very essence of the problem. Discover your beautiful self. In such moments you need a director who can direct your new thoughts, who can help you and support you, through various models of thinking, because our thoughts should not be crowded. They should flow one after the other. Our thoughts should come in the right order, only then our minds transform from being crammed to becoming free! This director of yours is called Life Coach. And if you allow me that can be me!


Happiness Consultant!

Each person has the necessary resources to achieve his goals. As a Life Coach, I do not offer predictions or prognosis. I will provide you with a mental chapel, where together we will be analyzing until you discover your beautiful self. I believe that the assessment you give to yourselves will predetermine your success in each sphere of life. Therefore first you need to learn how to assess yourself, more importantly you need to learn how to assess yourselves highly. When you give a high assessment to every one of your attempts on the way of solving your life ‘failures’ you will gain confidence in yourself for your mistakes.

Full emotional control!

I can help you define your goals in your personal and professional life. I can help you built up a personal strategy to achieve your goals. Ambitions in life are individual they are associated with things that make us feel comforted and satisfied. That is what gives meaning to our lives. The final goal is full emotional control!


Online confession!

The consultations are being held online or over skype. The first session is free. I will read carefully what you’ve written to me, your shared thoughts about a certain problem. After that I will analyze them and then together we will find the solution. And I ask you not to forget, we are what we think. Think beautiful.

Skype: ezominerali е-maile: mr.kurtev@gmail.com

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